Friday, September 9, 2016


LilyWatch is a 3D printed smartwatch that senses the movement of your fingers through an array of CCD sensors and a line laser. In an area of a 10x10cm parallel square in front of the watch, it can can track your fingers' movements with a resolution of +-1mm (X or Y). 

This setup gives you plenty of different user input methods. Here are some examples:

You can use the watch to control other devices (PC, Smartphone, TV, Home Automation,etc.) with the movement of your fingers, or even it can be helpful for people with disabilities. Below you can see the illustration of three applications:
a) Android keyboard from a printed flip-flop case.

b) Unlock-Scan-Control. 
Through the line laser you can also send information. 
So, you can use the watch as a smart automation scanner,
with an aditional hardware on the devices you want to control.

c) You can use the watch as a portable mouse for your PC
or even as a portable touch surface for Photoshop.

d) Augmented Reality applications

Other application examples are: interactive surface for VR goggles, portable keyboard, presentation switcher, gaming, interactive drawings, wheelchair joystick and many more. Do you have an interesting application idea? Write it in the comment section below.